YAMACRAW  (W333) 1957-1958

copyright - WHOI
Names: Murray,
Trapper 1944-1955,
Yamacraw 1955-1969

In 1944, as the Murray, this ship struck a mine and sank.  The vessel was raised by the Navy, repaired, renamed Trapper, and used as an auxiliary mine layer.  In 1955, the vessel was transferred to the Coast Guard for use as a cable ship and renamed Yamacraw (WARC 333).

WHOI leased Yamacraw during 1957-1958 and made 11 cruises in the North Atlantic and Mediterranean with the vessel..  Yamacraw was used mainly for geophysical work and towing the thermistor chain shown on the after deck.  WHOI returned the vessel to the Navy in 1959 and in 1969 Yamacraw was sold for scrap.