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WHOI Databases

Alvin Dive Log Database

to identify dive locations, data and images

WHOI Archival Cruise Database
includes WHOI cruises and includes scientists, projects and locations

Deep Submergence Bibliography
indexes scientific literature on submersibles, remotely operated vehicles and related dicsiplines

the MBLWHOI Library's online catalog -- to locate technical reports and current underway data

WHOI Contributions
indexes WHOI authored scientific literature

WHOI Compiled Data

Sea Water Temperature
Taken daily from the WHOI dock

East Coast US Coast Guard Lightship/Lightstation
subsurface and meteorological records.

Other Ocean Databases

Ocean Climate Laboratory Data Sets including World Ocean Atlas

Access to NOAA data and information online

National Climatic Data Center
archival weather data

Oceanography Virtual Library

National Geophysical Data Center
Marine Trackline Geophysics

Updated 4/24/2002