WHOI Guide to Records Deposit in the Archives Updated September 1998

The role of the WHOI Archives is to collect, preserve, and manage institution records that have continuing administrative, historical, or scientific research value. Access to administrative records is regulated to safeguard confidentiality. The archivist will be happy to assist you in determining the proper disposition of your office's non-current files. Call x2269, or email questions to archives@whoi.edu.

Procedures for Sending Materials to the Archives:

* 2 file drawers containing letter-size files will fill 3 boxes.

* 1 file drawer of legal-size files requires 2 boxes.

* Please call us for oversized materials.

Type of Materials to Transfer

The Archives should receive significant and unique records that were generated or received by your office. Records are usually significant and have long-term value if (for example) they document policy changes, major projects or precedents, their subject matter was the occasion for comment in the institution or in the media, or they involved litigation or large sums of money.  Another consideration includes whether the material would benefit someone writing a report about your department. Other potential uses might include departmental historical data, which would benefit grant proposals. Routine work material such as purchase orders, travel information, and routine correspondence (for example, requests and acknowledgements) are not of long-term value.

Materials appropriate for the Archives can be in any format, including paper & electronic:


Materials the Archives do not usually collect include: